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Payame Aramesh TV

YahSat Express AM6 12594V 27500 2/3

The Message of Peace was founded by evangelist / author, Rev. Hamid in 1984.

Throughout the years, Hamid has served the Lord as pastor, evangelist and author, publishing books, pamphlets and other materials in Persian (Farsi) and English, in addition to very informative newsletters.

In 1987 Hamid began broadcasting the message of Jesus Christ and the uncensored Bible by way of radio.┬áThe programs were called, “Message of Peace.”

The Message of Peace radio was broadcasted on short-wave radio, covering the entire Middle east, Far east and most European countries. Hamid also hosted many Christian programs in Persian language on the A.M. and FM radio in California.

Since His early years, Hamid was invited to appear as guest on different Iranian TV stations in the US, covering a great number of subjects and responding to questions interested by the Iranian Muslims in the US.

He has also appeared as a guest on the 700 Club twice, with Pat Robertson and Ben Kenchlow.

In February of 2002, the Lord opened the door for Hamid to share the Gospel of Jesus on the same station, through DTH, titled, “Payame Aramesh” which is the Persian translation for “Message of Peace.”

Hamid says, “Although I have been in the ministry in a lot of different ways since my salvation, it is as clear as day light to me that my real work is about to begin and I never felt so ready in my heart to serve the Lord!”